Wairakei Pastoral Beautification Project 2014

Arco was successful with our tender for the Wairakei Estate Land Development – 2014 Beautification Works to Wairakei Estate. This project involved the Beautification of 9 recently developed farms.

Arco are responsible and accountable for the following areas of the project:

  • Beautification Advice
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Planting of Plants
  • Procurement, Cartage and Placement of Bulk Soil Conditioner and Mulch
  • Land Preparation for Planting
  • Earthworks and Cartage
  • Avenue and Roadside Copse Planting (Auguring 800mm by 600mm planting holes and complete removal of soil and replacement with Soil Conditioner)
  • Shelterbelt and Paddock Tree Planting (Auguring 800mm by 200mm planting holes and removal of top 300mm of soil and replacement with Soil Conditioner)
  • Landscaping of Farm Entrance Ways
  • Design and build Paddock Trees and Roadside Copses
  • Fencing (Post and Rail)
  • Plant Establishment and Maintenance (based on a 3 year period)
  • Fertilisation
  • Procure and Install Irrigation systems
  • Pest Monitoring and Control